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Are you disgusted with the words and actions of most elected Republicans, both nationally and locally?  Do you want them to have even more power than they already have?  Do you wish that there was some way that you could help to promote progressive values AND simultaneously block efforts of Republicans to advance authoritarianism?   If so, read on. 


WFCDC has committed itself to having Democrats at the polls on Election Days, to show a "Democratic Presence" in our area.  Our voters like to see a friendly face when they come to vote, and poll volunteers hand out sample ballots, provide information, and answer questions.  It's an important activity, and it does make a difference.  


Kevin Kennedy and Mary Strenko are organizing volunteers to help establish a Democratic Presence at all voting locations in the City and the County on November 8th.  Our objective is to have full coverage from 6AM to 7PM at every Precinct and Ward. This is a big task, but it can--and HAS--been achieved in 2 recent Elections.  


Those of you who have helped with poll coverage in the past know that the duties are not difficult.  And you know that having a Democratic Presence is important.  We hope that each of you who have helped in the past will be able to help again this year. 


For those who have not previously been a poll volunteer, here is some information:  1)  An orientation/training session will be offered prior to the Election; 2) In most situations, you can choose where you cover, and choose what time frame(s) you are there; 3) Help--by phone or in person--will be just a phone call away;  4) Efforts will be made to have people serve together if desired;  


With redistricting, 7 new Precincts have been created, leading to a total of 29 Precincts in the County.  Most of the new Precincts have been added to an existing voting location, so we will now have 23 voting locations to cover in the County.  


Please help us to elect Democrats!


Emails:  Website (, or to Kevin Kennedy (, or Mary Strenko (  

Phone:  Kevin Kennedy (540-533-3023);  Mary Strenko (703-307-8156)  



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