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Democratic Beliefs and Values

The Winchester - Frederick County Democratic Committee (WFCDC) is the official local representative of the Democratic Party of Virginia. WFCDC fields and supports democratic candidates for elected offices in both Winchester City and Frederick County. The organization is a membership-based committee and is open to all area citizens interested and dedicated to supporting democrats. If you are interested in joining like-minded people to support Democrat candidates, click on the "Become a Member" button in the top right corner of this page.


Democrats share common values such as:

  • Equal opportunity, inclusiveness, tolerance, fairness, and justice should be extended to all people.

  • The most important roles of government are to maintain national security and to protect the rights of our citizens:  "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness".

  • The most basic element of democracy is citizen participation.

  • The right to vote is the key component of democracy, and the integrity of the voting process must be protected. 

  • Elected and appointed officials are obligated to be accountable to the people and fully responsible for their actions.

  • Transparency is an essential characteristic of government.

  • “Due process of law” means that no one is above the law.

  • National security is essential, and having a strong military can serve as a deterrent to any nation or group who may be hostile towards us.

  • Helping our allies to be stronger increases our own security.  

  • Healthcare should be available to all citizens and affordable for families.   

  • Education is a proven means for overcoming poverty, and it is an essential ingredient for most forms of personal improvement.

  • Humans should act as caretakers of the environment for future generations.

  • The potential effects on the health and well-being of citizens should always be considered before new policies or actions are approved.

  • All work contributes to the prosperity of the country, and all workers should be respected for what they do.

  • The safety and security of our citizens is of far greater importance than the unreasonable demands of the NRA.

  • There is a strong need for immigration reform in our country, but this is a complex and multi-faceted issue.

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